BizHawk 2.4.8 Download Windows and Mac

If you have experience using many different emulators for playing video games or even running other software on one platform which originally was made for some other platform, then you are well aware of how surprising emulators can be.

For instance, take the example of an emulator such as BizHawk, built for playing video games of the all-time favorite gaming console from the Sony Corporation, the PlayStation, on your personal computer.

Even though there are many emulators that any person would find in this category and it is hard to figure out the best and the right emulator, still each emulator has some advantage over the other.

In today’s article, we discuss in detail one such emulator called the BizHawk and the main feature that enables it to stand apart from its rival emulators.

What is the BizHawk emulator for PlayStation?

When it comes to talking about the BizHawk emulator, there are two things worth mentioning about it.

First, it is a multi-system-based emulator. This means that aside from emulating PlayStation games on your personal computer, it is also capable of emulating other platforms on your personal computer.

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As a general example and without mentioning the specific models under each, BizHawk is equipped with emulating various device models built by –

  • Nintendo
  • Atari
  • Apple
  • Sega
  • Sony PlayStation
  • And a few other platforms and classic gaming consoles.

The second featured quality which makes it popular among video gamers is that the BizHawk emulator is designed for speedruns or TAS (Tool Assisted Speedruns).

Due to this advantage, users can play their favorite games in the shortest amount of time possible and create records without using any cheat codes for this purpose.

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Pros and cons of using BizHawk

The following are some of the pros and cons of using the BizHawk emulator on a personal computer to replicate other platforms.


  • Its speedrun mode is a super advantage to beat and finish any video game at a much faster rate than normal.
  • It supports the recording of gameplay.
  • You can save the game while using the BizHawk emulator.
  • Despite supporting the emulation of many platforms, it still has a simple and easy-to-use interface.
  • There are a few other cool features that make BizHawk a preferred choice among video gamers.


  • In order to set up BizHawk properly for a smooth run, users need to have PlayStation One BIOS and the BizHawk installer.
  • According to many avid video gamers, the only great advantage of using the BizHawk emulator is the speedrun while playing. Other than this feature, BizHawk isn’t a good choice as an emulator overall. This is because its capability of being a multi-system emulator compromises its tendency to become the best for anyone specific platform.

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How to install the BizHawk emulator on Windows running personal computers?

If you are planning to install BizHawk emulator on your Windows operated personal computer, then use the following steps – 

  • Search for the right source to download the latest version of the BizHawk which may be BizHawk-2.6.1-win-x64 or further.
  • After downloading the .Zip folder, extract the files.
  • Now look for the ‘EmuHawk.exe’ file and run it.
  • Your anti-virus software might block running this file. Allow it to proceed from this step.
  • Please note that EmuHawk.exe requires a few important components on your system without which it won’t operate or run at all, thus interfering in the installation process. However, during the installation process, it will prompt you with what it needs as a prerequisite and you can download it separately from the internet if it’s not in the originally downloaded. Zip folder.
  • If everything is okay, just follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.

How to run ROMS on the BizHawk emulator?

Before you run any game ROM on the BizHawk emulator, make sure that it is rightly configured and all the required plugins are supported. Once done, follow the following simple steps to load any ROM and start playing your favorite PlayStation game.

  • Go to the ‘File’ option in the menu bar.
  • Now click ‘Open ROM’.
  • Navigate to the folder location where the ROM of your game is stored, double click on it and it will load the game for you to play.

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