NeutrinoSX2 Free Download (Installation)

While certain video games are specifically made for the audience of a particular gaming platform or gaming console, it is only the passionate gamers that can really tell about which game might be more fun and exciting when played on which or a different platform.

Probably this is the primary reason why gaming emulators exist.

Emulators act as a bridge to make it possible for a game or software made for one specific platform, to fully operate and run on a different platform.

One such emulator which eliminates platform differences with regard to both the software and the hardware is NeutrinoSX2.

What is NeutrinoSX2?

NeutrinoSX2 is often and famously described as one of the first known open source emulators for playing Sony PlayStation2 games on Windows operated personal computers.


Its main developer or coder was Maud.

Its development began in the early days of the emulation scene when programmers started to experiment with creating emulators for personal computers to run the video games built exclusively for Sony Corporation’s all-time favorite gaming console PlayStation One and its later models.

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Upside and downside of using NeutrinoSX2 emulator

When it comes to discussing the pros and cons of emulators, usually the things that differentiates one emulator from the other is game lagging, screen recording, screen resolution, plugin support, sound, game saving and reloading, etc.

Contrary to this typical approach, the upside and downside of NeutrinoSX2 are somewhat quite different and not general.


  • Despite being in an unfinished form by its original developer who left the project for unknown reasons, NeutrinoSX2 is still regarded as a highly compatible emulator.
  • NeutrinoSX2 offers excellent quality sound emulation.


  • It still is in its incomplete form meaning that it may not run smoothly and users might experience bug issues while using it.
  • Since its developer abandoned it, there are literally no chances ever for its stable version to get released.
  • Being in an unfinished form also makes it impossible to run, if not all then, most of the commercial games built for the PlayStation 2 gaming console.

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Currently version available

When you search on the internet to download the NeutrinoSX2 emulator for playing PlayStation 2 video games on your Windows run on a personal computer, you will find its version to be v0.08.01, which in most cases will date back to the year 2003.

This confirms how old it is and also that there have been no further versions released after NeutrinoSX2 v0.08.01.

How to install NeutrinoSX2 on Windows?

To install the NeutrinoSX2 on your Windows personal computer, follow the following instructions.

  • Search on the internet for a reliable source to download the NeutrinoSX2 v0.08.01. Its file size would be approximately 1.8 MB. Please note that this is the latest version that is available and addresses almost all of the then-known issues previously incurred while running the NeutrinoSX2 emulator.
  • For better reliability, you may want to read the reviews posted by other users before downloading them.
  • After downloading it, run the setup file.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to install it properly. Since it is the unstable version that you are installing, we recommend that please do not install it if it’s your first time and you are unfamiliar with using the emulation.
  • After successfully completing the installation of NeutrinoSX2, use your PS2 dumped BIOS to run it. NeutrinoSX2, like any other emulator, does not come with a PS2 BIOS as it is illegal to share it publicly with non-owners of PS2.

System requirements for installing and running NeutrinoSX2 emulator

For an optimal experience, while running the NeutrinoSX2 emulator, your PC should be equipped with the following – 

OS:Windows 7/8/10 and XP, Vista
Processor:2.0 GHz or above
RAM: 512 MB
Free Disk:Free Storage Space 5 MB
DirectX:DirectX version 9 or higher
Video Card:Latest updated drivers

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A good point to note here is that since the last version of NeutrinoSX2 was released many years back, therefore almost all of the modern systems are much more equipped both in terms of software and hardware than what NeutrinoSX2 emulator requires to run smoothly.

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