PCSX2 Latest Version Download Free Windows and macOS

In this guide, we will download and install the PCSX2 emulator step by step.

Although gaming consoles such as PlayStation 2 are stand-alone devices and are packed with almost everything that any avid video game player would look for, for many gamers the fun of playing video games on a personal computer remains unmatchable.

But a hurdle that exists for such video gamers is that not all of the games offered for gaming console users are made to run on personal computers.

This is where the need for emulators such as PCSX2 comes into action.

Basically, emulators like PCSX2 are software capable of virtually transforming one device or platform such as a personal computer in this case, into another platform such as Sony PlayStation 2, to run its software especially video games.

Using emulators is a common practice among video gamers as this enables them to smoothly play their favorite games which were originally made for other gaming platforms on their PC’s.

Merely, gamers prefer playing video games on personal computers for two reasons.

First, they get to play their favorite old and classic video games without the need to buy the gaming console.

The second reason is that some video gamers find it more convenient to operate game controls on the keyboard and mouse rather than using the gaming console controllers with limited keys.

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How to Install PCSX2 on your Windows PC

Installing the PCSX2 emulator on your Windows OS running a personal computer is easy and requires just a few simple steps.

However, the complete procedure before you can actually play your favorite games on it can be divided under two headings.

#1. Downloading and Installing the PCSX2

  • Search for the PCSX2 emulator on the internet and you will get the link to its official website for an authentic and complete download. Or use the below link to download.
  • Download the setup file (look for words stable release) for the Windows operating system. Please note that PCSX2 is also available for Linux OS and Mac OS running computers.
  • Now run the setup file as an administrator on your computer to install it.
  • Simply follow the on-screen instructions like with any other software, tick the options when asked and select the storage location drive, click next and complete the installation process.

#2. Setting Up the PCSX2

  • To run the PCSX2 emulator, it is important to have the BIOS of the PlayStation2. And the right way to have it is to dump it from your PlayStation2 console.
  • PCSX2 setup files do not come with the original PlayStation2 BIOS. This is because it is protected under the copyright of Sony Corporation and users get their legitimate version of it when they buy the PlayStation2. And while you can download it too from the internet, doing it is totally illegal and you might get caught for it.
  • Now since the PCSX2 is successfully installed, run it as an administrator to set up the Sony PlayStation2 BIOS and other plugins.
  • On the first screen that appears, simply click ‘Next’ and continue.
  • A pop-up screen will appear now, asking you to configure the settings. Two options will appear here, ‘Import’ and ‘Overwrite’. Select the right one to proceed.
  • After settings, come the plugins. Keep this as default and move further by clicking ‘Next’.
  • The screen that appears now will ask for BIOS. Select the location where the BIOS is placed on your computer. The above dialog box will load the details. Once done, click finish.
  • Congratulations, you have completed the setup
Operating SystemWindows, macOS
SizeFile Size 6.85 MB, 11.38 MB
UpdatedDate 07-05-2020
LicenseGNU GPL

Version of PCSX2

PCSX2 1.6.0, 1.7.0
PCSX2 1.4.0
PCSX2 1.3.0
PCSX2 1.2.0
PCSX2 1.1.0

Playing games on the PCSX2

To play the games, follow these steps:

  • Run the application and from the menu bar, select ‘CDVD’ > ‘Iso Selector’ > ‘Browse….’, to load the ISO of the game.
  • If needed, you can adjust the gaming controls on your keyboard by ‘Config’ > ‘Controllers (PAD)’ > ‘Plugin Settings….’.
  • On the screen that appears, configure the controls for Pad 1 and Pad 2 and you are done.
  • Now again in the menu, go to ‘System’ > ‘Boot CDVD (full)’ and let the game load.

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements for a smooth gameplay on the PCSX2 emulator is to have

  • Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit).
  • CPU with two physical cores.
  • 4GB RAM.
  • 2GB video memory.

For an optimal experience and to run high-end games, your system should have

  • Windows 10 (64 bit).
  • CPU with four physical cores.
  • 8GB RAM.
  • 4GB video memory.

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PCSX2 is the best emulator to play PlayStation 2 game on your Windows, macOS, or Linux PC. In this post, we have covered everything about emulator how to install, system requirements, and inserting bios. Get ready to enjoy titles.

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