Best PS4 Emulator for PC Free download in 2021

PlayStation 4 emulator is a good source for playing the latest console games on a computer or laptop. If you don’t have the resources to pay for a new PS4, then you will be able to play the game on your PC using the emulator.

If you don’t have knowledge about PS4 emulators and if you are looking for the best PS4 emulator? and you can’t decide which emulator is best for your PC configuration. In this guide, we are telling you everything and you can do decide for choosing the best PS4 emulator. So read this article carefully and hope you will get your best PS4 emulator.

What is PS4 Emulator?

If you don’t know about the PS4 full form? PS4 full form is Play Station 4. PS4 Emulator is one kind of software, PS4 Emulator’s benefit is you can play any type of PS4 game on your PC, Laptop, Android Device, Mac.  If you use the Play Station 4 Emulator, in this emulator you will get advanced features and its updated version of PS3. The Play Station 4 Emulator in this world more than 80 million users use it.

No.PS4 EmulatorFree
2.Native PS4 Emulation
4.Orbital PS4 Emulator
5.PS4 EMX (Under Development)

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Best PS4 Emulator For Your PC

In this list, you will get the best PS4 emulator for your PC and which PS4 emulator will be compatible with your PC, that’s what you going to get here.

1. PCSX4

The PCSX4 emulator recently developed PS3 to PS4 and the emulator allows any type of PS4 games and the PS4 console is also free for you. Well, this is the popular PS4 emulator, and the emulator is available in two versions, if you use Windows or Mac you can use this emulator.


Maybe you don’t know this emulator has 290,000+ downloads record and this emulator is more secured, from any type of data hacking, it will not inject any virus or malware.

PCSX4 System And Hardware Requirements

The PCSX4 emulator always requires a 64-bit Windows operating system, you can use Windows 7, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10 and if you are a Mac user you can use macOS 10.13.6 or later is supported. For the windows user, you have to install .Net Framework 3.5, VC++2015 & DirectX 11.1.

Which CPUs are supported?

The PCSX4 emulator requires a minimum of 4 core processors, and the PCSX4 emulator is optimized to use up to 8 core processors, if you use an 8 core processor you can get better performance.

How much Memory (RAM) is required for the PCSX4 emulator?

The PCSX4 emulator requires 4 GB Ram, but if you use 6 GB Ram, the PCSX4 emulator will be working so fast and the PCSX4 emulator recommended 6 GB Ram. If you use SSD the game maybe increase the loading time.

File size: 58.64 MB
Downloads: 320354
Last beta update: 14th March 2021
SHA1: 9be94acf2634648bb06a32716c24cf97


2. Native PS4 Emulation

The PS4 emulator x86 or x64 architecture can run PCSX4 natively on your Windows PC and it’s an advantage of OGRE, Vulcan API, and Orbital hardware-assisted virtualization. The PCSX4 emulator can render the game smoothly without compromising the visual quality and also macOS supported with Metal API.

Native PS4 Emulation

Unlocked FPS

If you use the PCSX4 emulator you can play any type of PS4 game and you can unlock the FPS for smooth gameplay, it’s one of the most advantages of the PCSX4 emulator.  

Multiple Input Devices

The PCSX4 emulator supports multiple input gaming devices and you can use mouse input for first-person shooter games.

3. PS4Emus

PS4Emus is one of the most popular emulators, most of the game users use it and this emulator managed to rack up a number of positive reviews. The PS4Emus emulator was first released in 2013 and more than five of these emulator company doing the modification, adjustment upgrades.


If you use the PS4Emus emulator you can play any type of PS4 game and the PS4Emus emulator is compatible with computers or mobile phones including Windows, macOS, Android, or iOS.

PS4Emus Emulator Features 

If you use the PS4Emus emulator you will get hosted online server with PlayStation games and this feature benefit is, you can easily download any type of PlayStation games and you can directly play online the PlayStation games. If the PS4Emus emulator creates any type of BIOS problem, then you will get support from the PS4Emus emulator. If you use the PS4Emus emulator you can play HD games with high FPS.

PS4Emus Emulator Requirement

If you are a Windows or macOS user you have to use a 64-bit operating system and you can use Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, or macOS 10.13.6, bot operating system supported by the PS4Emus emulator. The PS4Emus emulator required a minimum of 3 core processors and they are always recommended for 5 core processors for better performance. The Ram PS4Emus emulator required a minimum of 2 GB and if you use a 4 GB Ram then you can play the game smoothly.

Supported: Windows, Mac OS, Android (Apk) & iOS (iPhone/iPad)
 Latest App Update: March 04, 2021
Price: Free
Size: Depends on the platform


4. Orbital PS4 Emulator

The Orbital PS4 emulator is a worldwide famous and highly used emulator and developed by Alexander. The Orbital PS4 Emulator program is still under development and you can’t play commercial PS4 games.

Orbital PS4 Emulator

The orbital emulator is a low-level emulator and it’s virtualizing the PS4 console OS. The Orbital PS4 Emulator is especially built for Windows and Linux operating systems.

Orbital PS4 Emulator Requirement

The Orbital PS4 emulator required a minimum Dual Core processor and the Orbital PS4 emulator recommended 5 core processors. For the Ram, the Orbital PS4 emulator required a minimum of 2 GB and they are recommended 8 GB Ram for smoothly play the game.


5. PS4 EMX (Under Development)

PS4 EMX it’s a famous PS4 emulator, the emulator developed in 2014 by Ghaststeam. According to the software developer, the PS4 EMX emulator is currently working for the windows version. 

 If you want to use the PS4 EMX emulator, you can easy to use the emulator, the PS4 EMX emulator user interface will be so much friendly.

PS4 EMX Emulator Requirement

If you want to use the PS4 EMX emulator, the PS4 EMX emulator required a minimum of 2 GB Ram and they are recommended 8 GB Ram for better performance. For the processor the PS4 EMX emulator required a minimum of 2 core processors, if you want to play HD games they are recommended for 5 core processors.


PS4 is one of the most popular and advanced game consoles, so in this emulator, you can play any type of PS4 game. In this article, we have listed working emulators only one is going to be released soon

If you want to run PlayStation 4 games on your Windows computer, then you must have a powerful rig to support a high-end process. The console is capable to handle such higher processes, it can run on 4K.

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